23 February 2018

Local Weather

The climate of Agia Galini is one of the healthiest in Europe, both in summer and winter. The situation on the coast underneath the high mountains favours cooler air flows from the mountains in summer and warmer air flows from Africa in winter. That means it never gets really cold in winter and the summer heat, mixed with a cooler breeze from the mountains, is still very pleasant. One who suffers from difficulties of breathing finds his ideal vacation goal with us.

  Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Daytime 17C 20C 23C 27C 29C 29C 27C 24C
Water 16C 17C 19C 22C 23C 25C 24C 22C

April is the best month to have a close look to the islands nature. Crete shows up in its most beautiful bloom and the weather in spring is very pleasant. The Ida, Dikti and White Mountains are still covered with snow. Weather from Tymbaki

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